Tares in the Sole

It’s Clear that You’re Broken
You have tried your best to last,
but it just might be time to call it quits.

You were brand new at a time, ready to explore the world,
neatly sewn, warm, comfortable, undamaged, untouched,
colored like a peach,
with a little white ribbon on your toe.

Then she found you.
She had never seen one like you.
She called you beautiful.
She said she must have you.

And just like that, you were hers,
everywhere she went, you went
Paris, Madrid, Vienna, Rome,
you saw it all with her.

Then you started facing daily life,
and at first it was sunny,
the days made her face so sun-kissed,
and she said you made her better,
that she was more beautiful with you.

You’d go out on date nights,
and she’d never looked more beautiful.
There were nights when she’d rather go out with the girls,
and dance the night away,
but you were always by her side.

Then winter came,
and things started to change.
She grew cold,
and she neglected you.
You were left alone.

When she did notice you,
it wasn’t the same.
You would go for a walk,
and she’d say you were hurting her.

She’d get mad,
wanting to get away from the pain you caused her.
But that was never what you wanted,
all you ever wanted was to make her feel beautiful.

As spring came you were ruined,
you were ugly from the winter.
You had marks and were worn,
the peach color of your skin was covered by white stains,
salt for the wounds.

She found another one, just like you
Except she said that they,
were more beautiful than you.
She left you again, this time forever.

Her rejection left you in the dust,
you just sat there broken,
your sole completely torn,
from the damage she put you through.

Alone, broken, sole in shreds,
you think the damage is just too much for you
then she sees you
and she sees the holes in your sole,
as places to put her love.

And she must have you,
you’re a perfect fit,
she takes you home,
and helps repairs the tares in your sole.